when this passes, i wonder…

…what it will feel like to go back to my routine. will i even want that routine anymore?

…how we all will re-engage with one another. who will be our first dinner guests? what will we cook? and talk about? will we have guests over more often?

i wonder what my body will feel like swimming laps or working on a reformer. will my muscles remember the flow? how much time will they need to be re-acquainted with working out?

what will it feel like to be in public, to go to the grocery stores without a mask, to stand in line without being distanced from the person next to you? will the parks and beaches be crowded all at once, in a collective effort to be outside, unhinged?


i wonder if we will all choose to slow down. be off the roads and off our devices. practice more kindness to one another. will we have more compassion toward each other? empathize and validate each other’s struggles? is it possible that we might have more respect for the people doing the hard work behind the scenes – the very people who kept our pantries stocked, our bellies full, our minds a bit more at ease?

what will the flower shop be like? will the blooms be more vibrant, even more satisfying than before? will i have a fresh outlook on colors and combinations, textures and arranging? am i going to return with an inspired creativity?

and this earth. how lush will she be? will her fields be green, her wildflowers blooming? will her air remain clean, her waters clear? and how will she receive us? will we care for her the way she has always cared for us?

when this passes, i wonder if any of us will be changed for the better.

…if we will all appreciate the small beautiful things of the everyday.

…and be grateful for them.





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