f i v e

today, we celebrate five years of marriage.

we are home after spending the past week nestled in a secluded cabin in the high sierras. to say these days have been wholly replenishing would be a severe understatement. in a way of sorts, they allowed us to tap into ourselves, together.

i could easily wax poetic about my gratitude for being married to the kindest, most radiant man, but my written words would never be able to illustrate that kind of love. it’s so deep, so engrained in the inner workings of my soul that i will leave it at that. and cherish it nonetheless.

october 18, 2014.

five years later, and i can still feel the warmth of my blood flowing through my body the moment we exchanged vows. but interestingly enough, i feel it more now. i feel it every day i wake up next to him. i feel it through the joy and the sadness, the victories and the setbacks. i feel the beating, the pulsating of my heart – a heart that is so in love with the man i get to call my husband – that i feel stronger for it. he builds me. delights in me.

i celebrate this day and every following day for the opportunity to live in this union. it is far from perfect, but it is absolutely genuine, as true to us as could ever be.





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