forgive me for the lapse in time between postings. there was an expansive trip to peru in july and beach days in august. many dinners eaten al fresco. countless bottles of rose enjoyed. our kitchen saw no shortage of farmer’s market goods, and the naps – well they continued effortlessly. there was serious contemplation of going back to school for acupuncture, and a current ease with the decision not to. not at this time, at least.


i guess all of this to say, summer’s vibrant energy kept me away from this space.

but here we are mid-september, days from the autumn equinox. although the indian summer might continue relentlessly, i find myself craving reflection and groundedness, shorter days and deeper thoughts. the energy and vibrancy of the past few months is now being harnessed for this next season of introspection, and i cant’t help but celebrate it. the shift happening externally is certainly reflecting the shift i’m feeling within.


as i journey back into this space, an excerpt from the poem Under the Harvest Moon by Carl Sandburg:

under the summer roses

when the flagrant crimson

lurks in the dusk

of the wild red leaves,

love, with little hands,

comes and touches you

with a thousand memories, 

and asks you

beautiful, unanswerable questions.




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