p a r i s

five days from now, mama and i will be in paris. it’s been a much-anticipated trip, as we never felt ready to leave the city our last time there, in 2013. but as much as i’ve missed the city of lights and all her grandeur, the timing of this particular trip feels right, almost perfect.

i can’t quite put into words how i feel about the significance of it all. mama and i at unique peaks in our respective lives – she approaching her 60th year, celebrating a full and beautiful life, me in my 30s, self-aware, in love, and living out of passion, rather than expectation.

paris has always instilled within me a sense of purpose – that this life being lived is worth the time and care it needs to thrive. and let’s face it, you can’t help but notice how Parisians are thriving every waking day as they rejoice in the bountiful markets, dive deeply into conversation, roam leisurely through the parks and gardens, and celebrate a meal, alone or in community.

and now, in 2018, mama and i are going back to revisit this feeling, this sense of meaning. we are changed people from who we were five years ago, but our gusto remains constant. although we will each gain something different from our time there, i look forward to reinforcing our already enduring bond, building on the life we share, and doing it all with purpose. the parisian way, if you will.

until we meet again, au revoir!




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