in my fridge

confession: i’ve always loved those series on blogs/websites that showcase the daily happenings of well-known people. series like “what i keep in my purse” or “what you can find in my pantry.” one of my favorites is “Sunday routine” from the new york times, in which people describe just that: how they spend their sundays. i think what i love most about these series is that they capture the everydayness of people’s lives. it’s a glimpse into how others live, their philosophies, and values, however big or small.

when i read the answers to the questions or fill-in-the-blanks, i can’t help but imagine my own answers. if someone were to interview me, how would i respond? what are, in fact, my philosophies?

so with that in mind, i am interviewing myself. below is a series i enjoy reading, but with my answers. it’s a peek into my life now, the simple things that make up a piece of me and my everyday.


here’s my version of in my fridge…

food philosophy in one sentence: everything in moderation.

always in my fridge: lemons, grapefruit, almond butter, eggs, kale, sparkling water.

7 recipe staples always on hand: dijon mustard, garlic, lemons, sardines, hearty greens, quinoa, lentils.

must-have munchies: I’m not much of a snacker, but when i do need a little something, i reach for castelvetrano olives or unsalted pistachios.

favorite condiments: stone ground dijon mustard, chipotle tabasco, hummus.

ingredient that makes everything taste better: sea salt and GARLIC!

go-to proteins: sardines, lentils, chicken livers, wild alaskan salmon, almond butter.

best bargain: a trip to the farmer’s market 10 minutes before it closes. vendors are trying to sell everything they have so they don’t have to pack it, which means bargain prices on produce. we go once a week and buy enough produce to last several days. not only do we save money, but we also get the added perks of buying local, seasonal, and at-its-prime food.

best-label reading tip: eat things that don’t have labels! and if there are ingredients, the fewer the better…no artificially added shit.

fave veggie & what you make with it: depends on the season! but a year-round favorite will always be kale…roasted, blanched, sautéed, raw, juiced. so many possibilities.

craziest thing i buy: good-quality loose leaf tea…can’t compromise there!

sweets and other indulgences: brownies, chocolate avocado mousse, tea cakes. i never go a day without a treat, and because i make a ritual out of tea time and treats, they must be great quality…preferably from gjusta, erewhon, susie cakes, huckleberry, or made by yours truly. absolutely no packaged shit.

dairy or non-dairy faves: siggi’s plain yogurt, manchego or goat cheese, almond milk.

skip labels that read: try to skip ALL labels in general.

favorite splurge: wine, green juice from erewhon, good quality crackers for cheeseboards.

for last-minute entertaining: good wine, a giant salad with a shallot vinaigrette, and a hefty cheeseboard, complete with bread and crackers, several varieties of cheese, prosciutto, olives, nuts, honey, dried and fresh fruit. for dessert, cookies and ice cream.

favorite places to shop: farmer’s market, erewhon, Whole Foods.

simple go-to recipe: stewed tomatoes and red lentils. so easy, so comforting!

best food memory: too many to choose! most recently, eating in the food stalls in Peru. there’s nothing like the energy and bustle of the markets. and the food! the most authentic (and cost-effective) food you’ll get…almost like being invited into someone’s home.


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